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      Our Why

      BU Flare is all about providing accessories that compliment and add a special touch to the unique & beautiful personal style of our customers.  Fashion has always been our passion and we understand the importance of being able to find “the right accessory” to help our customers stand out and shine while embracing who they were made to be!  We strive to provide cross cultural pieces that are as beautiful and unique as each individual person.  

      Our Inventory

      B.U. Flare's inventory is always changing to keep the selections unique and fresh.  If something catches your eye, you may want to go ahead and snag it since some items will be available only once!  So go ahead and get started with selecting a few gorgeous pieces as Beautiful & Unique as You!  

      B.U. Gives Back

      10% of B.U. Flare's profits go towards supporting organizations that help young girls and teens grow and develop their self confidence as well as understand their priceless value & beauty inside and out This is a purchase you can feel good about! 

      A Note From the Owner

      Confidence & high self-esteem is something I have had to learn to embrace over the years.  I often felt that I was not good enough, I didn't have "the right look", not smart enough (even with a great education and college degree), lacked in talent, and the list goes on.  However, over time I have come to realize that I am the exact opposite of all of those things and it was all just myths that I allowed myself to believe!

      Now I know that I am a masterpiece created by God and He made me special, beautiful, and one of a kind!  There is no one else out there just like me (or you)!  I have been blessed with an abundance of grace, gifts, talents, and intelligence.  I truly love and appreciate being Beautiful & Unique! 

      My desire is for you to embrace yourself in that light as well, while wearing Beautiful & Unique Accessories to represent your special "Flare" so you can shine bright!  You should not try to be anyone else because that's not how you were made to be.  Only you can be the best you.  So hold your head up high and walk through life with confidence (and some stylish accessories) knowing there's no other person on Earth like you!  You deserve to be You🤎


      BU Jewelry Owner